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Our Charity of Choice

At Akusika Business Services, we believe in helping those less fortunate. That is why we donate 1% of all net profit to our charity of choice. - CHANGING LIVES INTERNATIONAL.

Changing Lives International is a Charity organisation set up by Ghanaians to help particularly young people and families in Ghana with affordable rental accommodation, with good sanitation facilities and anti-malaria nets. This is to stop young people and families living in kiosks and on the streets of Accra (Capital of Ghana). We all know a decent home improves the quality of life, a proper place to stay improves health and education.

In Ghana, to rent a single room, flat or house requires between 1 and 3 years rent advance to be paid to the landlord beforehand and without that amount of money, people are left with no choice but to sleep rough anywhere they can find. This practice of sleeping rough is unhealthy and dangerous. The charity builds accommodation by volunteers and rent these to young people and families, who then pay weekly rent instead of lump sum. the rent paid is plough back into the charity for sourcing more land and more buildings. Every penny of your donation is direct to our work as we do not have any paid staff. Suggestions, volunteers and fundraisers always welcome.

Donation can be made by Cheque, Cash, BACs transfer or Paypal. Account: Changing Lives. Sort Code 601333 No 48048534

We thank you very much for your generosity.

For more information please contact us.

email: changinglivesINT@aol.com

phone: 01844 355 609 / 07852 000 078

Contact Us

Phone: 01844 355 609
Mobile: 07983 163 655
Email: Admin@akusikasservices.com

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